About Us

Our Founders

EDD, formerly known as Enfants de Dieu Was founded in 2002 by Tajdin and Khatun Jaffer. The Jaffer’s have lived in Rwanda since 1950 and in 1962 they established Sulfo Rwanda Industries, which manufactures consumer goods such as soap and cosmetics. The family decided to provide street children outside their factory, with food every Friday. They soon realised that the children needed a safe place to stay and donated a piece of land in Ndera to start the centre. The founders were instrumental in setting the vision for the project and continue to visit regularly and provide advice and guidance to the Board and Management.

About Us

Empower Develop and Dignify

Is a registered non-governmental organization that started in 2002 with a pioneering agenda of transforming of lives of Rwandan vulnerable street children into valuable members of society by meeting their basic needs and psychological needs ,providing them with education and skills and reintegrating them to become valuable members of society.

Our History

EDD, formerly known as Enfants de Dieu

The project is based on a 3 hectare site just inside of Kigali, Rwanda. EDD is currently registered as a non-profit organization (local NGO) in Rwanda with legal personality of 8/6/2004 and a Charitable Incorporated Organization (CIO) in the UK with a registered number of 11155922 and has an Independent Board who oversee the management of the project.

EDD started with a pioneering agenda of working with kids who were living on the streets of Kigali. The mission was to expose them to a transformative environment so they could be raised to become valuable members of the community.

EDD started with just one building for all the services and today has become a safe center of excellence with a conducive infrastructure, which had been offering a healing environment for street kids over the past 18 years. Through the interventions provided at the Center, the boys were enabled to become driven young men who graduated from the programme, and pursued ambitious endeavors for themselves, and their communities.

To be one of the leading educational institutions in Rwanda enabling youth of all backgrounds to reach their full potential.

Empowering unprivileged youth and their families in Rwanda by providing them quality, affordable and holistic education.


We have several systems in place to ensure that we are transparent and accountable. We have a dedicated and qualified account who prepares monthly reports. We are audited both internally (every quarter) and externally (once per year).In addition to this, we send customized, detailed reports to our donors as required detailing exactly how their funds were utilized.


Our programs aim to be financially sustainable community driven, and culturally appropriate. We aim to do more with less. We leverage partnerships and find better ways to collaborate to get things done.


We aim to run a program of the highest quality by using best practices from around the world. We have a skilled, educated and experienced board who bring knowledge and expertise in the areas of operations, accounts, compliance, training, psychosocial care and development.

Our Partners Include