Based on several years of experience working with street children, understanding the hardships that they face and recognizing that these children were disadvantaged early in life. We have decided to start a child protection and development program to ensure that children living in Rwanda’s low-income communities get access to high quality, affordable Early Childhood Care and Education. Research shows that children aged between 0-6 are in the most formative years of their life and so investing in their education at this young age bears fruit for their whole lives ahead.



Given our long history of rehabilitating and reintegrating street-children, EDD provides scholarships to former street-children by paying their school fees and providing them with educational material.

We believe that access to education is a fundamental human right for every child. We focus on supporting street children as they have been marginalized by society and their lives are on a downward trajectory. By educating them, they are incentivized to stay home instead of running to the streets and they are able to become valuable, contributing members of society.



EDD has a well-stocked library and computer lab. These facilities provide resources for youth, children and others who wish to unlock their potentials and cultivate a culture of reading and using ICT tools.
EDD facilities provide a platform for children ,youth and adults to grow their talents, express their creativity, relax and manage their stress through traditional dance, modern dance, learning instruments, yoga, karate, volleyball, football.
EDD accommodates professional training courses aimed at knowledge and skills development for different children and youth with the intention of empowering them with tools to improve their lives